How Hang Drums Began


It was in Bern, Switzerland that the hang drum was invented. The scientific research in order to make the hang drum a reality was done by Felix Roner and Sabina Scharer. But artist got their  inspiration from the steel pans of the Caribbean islands. In order to create their very own instrument, the two artists needed to make the needed modifications. The introduction of the drum started in Germany in the year 2001.

how to buy a hang drum? You will be able to tune the instrument on the top half of it using careful and precise hammering. Depending on how hard you strike the hammer, you will be able to create different notes. The name f the notes in a hang drum are the crown, heart, trunk, root, and foundation. The notes are located on the top half of the instruments. The eight notes are arranged in a tone circle which is from low to high. To be harmonious, all notes must be tuned. Gu is the name called for the bottom of the drum but is actually located on the sides. Once you hit the center of the drum, you will be able to create a bass note.

The hang drum was developed between the year 2001-2005. The developers didn't expect the hang drum to be a hit. The two artist felt a heavy reassure and stopped the development of the hang drum. The two artists avoided the prying eyes of the public in order for then to have time to develop the instrument further. The distribution and supply of the hang drum have stopped as announced by the two artists. The second generation of the hapi drum for sale are already on the work after they announced the discontinuation. The second generation of the hang drum was then introduced in 2006. After a decade of research and development, the two artists then announced that they already have the final design of the hang drum and it is called the integral hang. Seven tone fields and only one scale, that is the design of the new hang drum. In order to improve the tuning, the Gu hole was also adjusted.

The free integral hang was manufactured until the end of 2013. You can no longer see the original hang drum being sold on the market since the year 2014.

The Gubal is an instrument that is based on the hang drum. The very difference of the two instruments is that the Gubal is much bigger and it plays the Gu sound much better. The sound of the high and low notes are more noticeable. You can play the Gubal using your hand. Its because of how the Gu sound came out that the two artists decided to call it the Gubal.